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Cisco Says Collaboration With TD Africa On Tech Experience Centre Will Build Wealth In Nigeria

Our Collaboration With TD Africa On Tech Experience Centre Will Build Wealth In Nigeria – Cisco

The establishment of the Tech Experience Centre, an unprecedented technology project set for launch in Lagos, will deliver excellent social, commercial and economic opportunities that will potentially create wealth for Nigeria, Cisco says.


The foregoing represents the thoughts of Cisco General Manager, West Africa, Olakunle Oloruntimehin.


Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT and networking, is also one of the global tech giants represented in the centre. Oloruntimehin remains confident that this development will generate innumerable positive outcomes for the Nigerian economy. The Tech Experience Centre is set for launch on Thursday 1st October 2020, the occasion of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary.


‘‘Nigeria can expect Cisco to leverage this centre as part of our ongoing efforts in this region and globally to accelerate an inclusive future for all. Cisco people, technology and related resources delivered at this centre can be expected to ensure the interventions that will predictably deliver social, commercial and economic outcomes for Nigeria and the West Africa region. Our focus on partnerships and collaboration will include the space for SMME support, building a community that can be leveraged to improve the wealth of Nigeria,’’ he said.


In addition, Oloruntimehin has expressed delight with the presence of Cisco among other globally renowned tech brands in the centre. Specifically, he referenced the multiplier effect the Tech Experience Centre will have in encouraging local IT participation and the chance to have Nigeria’s voice heard in the global technology race.

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‘‘Cisco is particularly pleased to be collaborating with other stakeholders in the Tech Experience Centre project. The Tech Experience Centre provides the ideal platform for collaboration amongst global technology players in a melting pot of sorts. The outcome of this should provide for local IT and technology industry participation and the incentives required to leverage the visible talent and opportunity potential in Nigeria. Innovation is global and the centre provides the interventions for Nigeria’s contribution.


‘‘Also, the democratization of technology outcomes should rank high as one of the impacts that this centre will deliver and by extension the provision of access to the evolving global technology landscape. My belief remains that access to education and the Internet, including the inherent opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation are the two most important equalizers in life,” said.


Cisco says Collaboration With TD Africa On Tech Experience Centre Will Build Wealth In Nigeria


Further, the Cisco executive has urged visitors to the Tech Experience Centre to look forward to enriching innovations and partnerships. He also lauded TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s foremost technology, lifestyle and solutions distributor for spearheading the ambitious project.


‘‘At the centre, we expect our partners, customers and participation from our social responsibility collaboration e.g. Cisco Network academy. We expect to use the centre as a part of the showcase for our technology solutions, while we remain deliberate about building a relevant community of SMME that can compete at the global stage. Our traditional and emerging partners would also be welcome to the centre to collaborate with Cisco and other stakeholders in key areas like Devnet/DevOps, software engineering etc.


‘‘We focus on partnerships and collaboration. We are a company that has a proven track record off the back of a successful global partner program over the years. This approach is consistent in the way we continue to partner with TD Africa, to provide market development and penetration where required in the region for Cisco technology. TD Africa is showing palpable intent with the launch of this Tech Experience Centre and I will encourage them to stay bold and continue to push the boundaries for technology in the region,’’ he concluded.


The Tech Experience Centre is widely expected to bridge the gap to cutting-edge technology for millions of Nigerians. The centre, the first of its kind in Africa, is located within Yudala Heights on Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island. The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami, is expected in Lagos for the official commissioning by 5pm.


The Tech Centre is widely expected to boost Nigeria’s relevance in the global technology race. Additionally, it will shore up the country’s march to technology independence.


For the first time, Nigeria will play host to the latest global technologies including those not normally available in Africa. It will offer all classes of visitors a first-hand experience of new gadgets, solutions and infrastructure that would have previously required a visit abroad. Thus, corporate organisations, government establishments and individuals will save money or scarce foreign exchange expended on these trips.


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