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Why Osun State Waived Fees For Laying Fibre Optic Cables


  • The government of Osun state in Nigeria has waived right-of-way fees for telecoms and internet providers laying fibre optic cables as part of its digital economy policy to position the state as a leading tech hub.
  • Governor Adeleke hopes to improving internet connectivity and encourage more tech companies to establish offices in the state.
  • He has also promised to domesticate the Nigerian Startup Act, providing regulatory and funding support for startups, and is seeking to attract e-commerce giants to the state.


Osun state government, in a push to improve the penetration of internet, removed the right-of-way fees that charged telecoms and internet providers for laying fibre optic cables.


The move is part of the state’s digital economy policy seeking to put it in contention as one of Nigeria’s biggest tech hubs in the near future. While it is not clear how much the state previously charged, it must be significant if the government believes that lifting it would change much.


Internet connectivity is important for tech companies and it determines their decision to cite offices in locations.


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In a report by TechCabal, the 4G penetration is Nigeria is not yet where it should be when compared to the population. It is also why many who could afford it, quickly switched to Starlink internet when it arrived.


Governor Ademola Adeleke has assured citizens of the state of his dedication to take digital economy serious. In addition to waiving the right-of-way fees, he announced that Osun state will become the first state to domesticate the Nigerian Startup Act.


“The law, once domesticated will enhance the goals of both the ICT and the Tech Innovation policy,” he said. This could mean that startups will receive regulatory support and business registration services faster as well as funding from the investment fund attached to the act.


Another way that the newly elected Adeleke hopes to turn his state’s economy around is by getting more businesses and landmarks on Google Maps. In the future, he plans to invite e-commerce giants to explore opportunities in Osun state.


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