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Original sealed first-gen iPhone sells for $35K at auction

At an auction, a new and sealed first-gen iPhone sold for more than $35,000 as other Apple devices raked in money as well.

The sale ‘Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware’ was hosted by RR Auction and also featured some other rare items from the company.

First-gen iPhones were made 15 years ago in 2007 and discontinued a year later. They ran on iPhone OS 1.0 (the very first iOS) and had storage specs of 128MB/4GB, 128MB/8GB, and 128MB/16GB.

No doubt, whoever bought it wants the device for what it signifies, rather than what it can do. It would likely remain sealed as well.

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AppleInsider reports that there was an Apple-1 prototype device that sold for $677,196 at the same auction. The device had passed through Steve Jobs’ hand.

The recently discontinued iPod is also a relic of technology and there was a first-gen iPod on display at the auction. Someone eventually snatched it up for $25,000.

For revolutionising the phone industry, Steve Jobs and Apple are one of tech’s most revered names. Even years after his passing, Jobs’ name remains iconic.

In June 2022, an Apple check for $9.18 which he signed was sold for $55,000 and one of his autographed notes sold for $124,998 earlier this year.

It is not out of place to say that Steve Jobs signature or attachment significantly increases the value of items. They are the equivalent of collectible cards.

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