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Organisers Say CES 2021 To Take Place Online, See How To Attend

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), in charge of the CES has confirmed that the 2021 edition will be held completely online. Since it first began in 1967, this is the first time the CES will be an all-online event.


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is notable for being the ground for outstanding product revolution. From the 4K UHD and unmanned systems tech revealed in 2015 to the tablets and Android devices unveiled in 2010; people who want to prepare for future tech will not miss CES for anything.


However, the CTA has revealed that in 2021, CES will be ‘all-digital’ because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They say that they are reimagining how to connect exhibitors, customers, and media from around the world.

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Earlier this year, they had hinted at a partial digital and partial physical event. Although, as visionaries, they had conceded that they were still rethinking their plans. Now, they have decided to do away with the physical aspect as health concerns continue to grow.


While there is not much detail to go on, for now, the CTA has promised to open lines for people in all tech spheres to join the show. It will still feature events such as keynotes and conferences, product showcase, and meetings and networking.


Likely, when it is time, the CTA will provide instructions on how to join the CES 2021 online event. The event will hold from 6th to 9th January 2021. The organisers hope to be able to quickly return to holding the event physically.


They said in a statement, “We plan to return to Las Vegas for CES 2022, combining the best elements of a physical and digital show.”


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