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“Options For Infertility”: Quiver Full Ministry Holds Insightful Conference

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The Quiver Full Ministry held its first conference for the year 2020 on Saturday, 25th of January 2020. The event took place at VirginRose Resort in Victoria Island, Lagos.


Anchoring the event was Tope Mark-Odigie, the co-host of TVC’s popular TV show, “Your Views”.


Tope Mark-Odigie


Mrs Eva Victoria kicked off the event with the welcome address shortly after the opening prayers. She welcomed both old members and persons attending the for the first time.


Mrs Eva Victoria giving the welcome address


She gave a background of Quiver Full Ministry explaining how it was founded in June 2017 with the aim of assisting couples with infertility issues. Also, the group provides vocational skills for women to assist them to become financially independent.


The Ministry is fuelled by a passion to see women have their own babies. It is also funded through support from well-meaning individuals who key into the vision of the organisation.


First to speak at the event was Uju Aniedobe, the Head Patient Liason Officer, Olive Branch Clinic, Lekki.


Uju Aniedobe speaking on IVF as an option for Infertility


Uju dealt extensively on the topic of Invitro Fertilization (IVF), explaining that the process helps to make conception closer. She then explained that couples who have tried having babies for years can opt for IVF which can come in two forms.


She listed some factors that may result in advising couples to opt for IVF

  1. Tubal damage
  2. Ovulation Disorders
  3. Uterine Fibroids
  4. Impaired Sperm Production, etc


In ending her lecture, Uju stated that IVF is not 100% successful, as the success rate is individualised. She also explained that age, quality of the sp*rm, quality of the embryo can affect the procedure. Also, miscarriages can happen whether a conception was spontaneous or planned.


Next to speak was Mrs Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade, the Fertility Counsellor and CEO at Precious Conceptions. Kicking off her lecture, Mrs Tony went down memory lane to when she got married in 1999. After a fibroid surgery went wrong, she was left with the option of surrogacy to have babies.


Mrs Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade speaking on surrogacy as an option for Infertility


Mrs Lolu explained that surrogacy is not buying babies as the procedure is backed by law. She also explained the two forms of surrogacy which are traditional or gestational.


She advised women that they should embrace fertility options and never let their decision be from a place of shame.


Speaking on Mental Health was Dr Timi Oyebode, who also dealt extensively on the s*xuality of a woman. She explained the various forms of mental illness which include depression caused by trauma.


Dr Timi Oyebode speaking on mental health


The signs of depression can include the following:

  1. Mood swings
  2. Anxiety
  3. Sleeplessness
  4. Loss of interest in your things you love doing


To end her lecture, Dr Timi explained mental health includes women not blaming themselves for lack of conception in marriage. She then stated that if your mind is not healthy, your body will not function properly. As such, women should see a therapist from time to time.


The fourth and last session, which focused on adoption as an option for infertility, was anchored by Mrs Catherine Abagun, the founder of Quiver Full Ministry. In her lecture, Mrs Abagun explained her journey to adopting her son, and how motherhood has been blissful.


She encouraged women not to shun from the option of adoption, as she revealed that waiting does not put an end to one’s living.



She was quick to touch on some factors that may arise from adoption which includes discrimination from extended family members. To this end, she stressed that couples who opt for adoption must shield their children from such negativity and stand firm as legal parents.


To end the event, the panellists were called on stage for a question and answer session. These questions touched on the cost of IVF, the stages for the adoption process, the cost of going for a surrogate mother, and how much it costs to have a counselling session with a therapist.


See photos from Q&A session below.

Attendees at the event


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Mrs Catherine Abagun, in an interview with Plat4om, described the success of the organization since inception in June 2017. She stated that, so far, the organisation has been able to support couples who have to opt for IVF financially. Also, they have already recorded a breakthrough with the procedure.


Mrs Catherine thanked the management of Olive Branch Clinic who consistently partnered with the organisation over the years. She also thanked Plat4om for giving media support for Quiver Full Ministry.


She explained that, as the organisation gets bigger, it is her vision that they will reach women in other states of the country with the vision.


The conference was both educative and informative. It was a time for women and couples to bond, and share their thoughts and personal experiences on the issue of infertility. It also gave the attendees an opportunity to clear their doubts on the various options available for infertility.


Thumbs up to Quiver Full Ministry for doing its best to assist couples in the journey of infertility and bringing the message that conception is very much possible.


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