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Oppo Announces Next-Gen Air Glass ‘Assisted Reality’ Device

Oppo has announced another product during its Inno day event, next-gen air glass dubbed the ‘assisted reality’ device. This device isn’t the typical augmented product out there, Oppo is taking a total design preposition.

Instead of overlaying 3D objects on real-world objects, the Air glass would project 2D visuals rather in front of you. Oppo is making it possible to snap this tech on your regular glasses if you would like that.

There are currently two frame designs available in silver and black colours for this technology, and a magnetic port for attachment to other glasses.  Also, for specification, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor for power, a little projector with Micro LED tech that outputs up to 2 million nits peak brightness.

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This tech weighs just 30 grams, meaning it’s super light and not overburdening. Oppo says that this reality device would last through 3 hours of active usage and 40 hours on standby.

It can be controlled via different touchpoints, through voice, touch, hand and head tracking and intelligently through the Smart Glass app. This special app-only runs on Oppo’s ColorOs 11 or newer.

Chinese phone maker Oppo announced its first foldable phone, the “Oppo Find N”. The company plans to officially launch this next-gen smartphone on December 15, the second day of its Inno Day event this year.

Oppo’s Chief Product Officer Pete Lau in a press release shared the intensity of work it took before this final product. The Chinese company also announced its first in-house NPU chip called the MariSilicon X. This custom chip will power its next Find X flagship announcing next year. The Air Glass device will have a “limited release ” in the first quarter of 2022 according to Oppo.


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