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Opera Browser Integrates GPT-4 Powered Features


  • Opera browser has integrated ChatSonic and ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4, into its platforms, offering AI-powered tools for improving the browsing experience.
  • The features allow users to generate AI prompts, skip through articles or websites, and get writing assistance.
  • Opera plans to use generative AI to automate scouring the internet and performing tasks.


Opera browser has announced that it is integrating ChatSonic (powered by GPT-4) and ChatGPT into its Opera and Opera GX browsers.


The Chinese-owned company is keeping up with the household name browser, Microsoft Edge to offer AI-powered tools to improve browsing experience. According to TechCrunch, the features will come to all its desktop platforms first.


Some of the things Opera users will be able to do include generating AI prompts by highlighting text on a webpage or typing them. Also, you will be able take advantage of its summary feature to skip through articles or websites. In addition, it will offer writing assistance like crafting social media posts and turn prompts into ideas.


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You will have to manually switch the AI prompts on when using the browser and they chatbots will come as icons in its sidebar.


“AI generated content is a game-changer for web browsing. Our goal is to use these technologies to give our users new browsing superpowers – reimagining how they learn, create, and research. Opera is actively expanding its AI program into AIGC for browser, news, and gaming products through its own solutions and new and existing partnerships,” Opera Product Director Joanna Czajka said.


These features are only the beginning as Opera plans to take full advantage of generative AI to entirely automate scouring the internet as well as performing tasks.


It is not the alternative browser keep in step with the major players as Brave also recently announced its own AI-powered summary feature as well.


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