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OpenAI Debuts Chatbot With Human-Like Conversation Capabilities

OpenAI has released a chatbot called ChatGPT that can provide conversational answers. Recall that this is the same company that brought the Dall-E tool that can generate images from texts.

The AI research and deployment company has long since built a tool called GPT-3 that can predict what text follows a string of words, just like the Google text prediction on your Android phone and in Gmail. It is on this its tech that it built the chatbot.

If you have time on your hands, you can give the AI a spin and see what OpenAI ChatGPT can do by clicking here.

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OpenAI says that it called on human trainers to build the tool through reinforcement learning. They ranked and rated its responses and kept feeding it back to the machine to try and match humanlike preferences.

Although ChatGPT has vast knowledge covering all kinds of topics, its knowledge of the world seems to stop at 202. Another limitation is that it will try to avoid answering questions about specific people and it could also give incorrect or misleading information and produce offensive or biased content.

From tests that many people have run on the tool, it can write computer codes, TV scripts, academic essays, and even combine its capabilities to make for fun results like responding to queries in a specified tone or style. People have also shown that you can fool the bot into giving harmful or dangerous information.

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