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OnlyFans CEO says adult content will remain on the platform

OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan has said that adult content will remain on the platform for at least the next five years. The assurance is timely and was made on the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt.

The company has been in a rough place with adult content creators recently, with rumours spreading that it was banning adult content, one of its most widely consumed genres.

According to sources, OnlyFans had been considering putting an end to adult content because it was looking for outside funding and some of the investors were not comfortable with their names appearing beside the company in its current state.

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The news had caused content creators worry because they were about to lose their source of income. However, the platform suddenly reversed the decision days after announcing it.

Besides the news of extending the stay of adult content on its forum, OnlyFans is also working on making its platform also favourable to creators of other kinds of content like cooking and fitness. In addition to this, it is looking for ways to make it less likely for users to ‘accidentally’ find NSFW content.

The company continues to portray itself as more than an adult content destination. It has also closely guarded details about the niche, including not revealing how much creators make by sharing such content. Obviously, it is trying to not encourage more creators to jump on the train.

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