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OnePlus 10 Pro 12GB RAM Arrives In The US On June 15

OnePlus is launching a higher spec 10 Pro in the US and Canada on June 15 and the smartphone will cost $969 and $1,249, respectively. Here are the details…

First Tecno, now OnePlus, it seems like the aim of 2022 Q2 and beyond is to demystify the US smartphone market. Typically left in the hands of Samsung and Apple, other phone makers are taking the fight to them on their own turf.

OnePlus is relaunching its flagship device and fitting it with an improved 12GB/256GB storage capacity. Its target is the US and Canadian smartphone market and it is not flinching from pricing it as high as a brand new iPhone.

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The initial version of the phone had a 8GB RAM and was selling for nearly $70 less in the UK and other markets. However, it OnePlus is ready for a trial by fire and it is entering the bath with both feet.

The renewed OnePlus 10 Pro will support 5G on Verizon and T-Mobile (AT&T 5G not supported). The company plans to sell the device on its online store as well as on Amazon and Best Buy. It is also adding an early bird incentive as a marketing strategy; buy one before June 20 and snag a free pair of OnePlus Buds.

It is discouraging that colour options are limited to black at launch, although, you have the freedom of buying a pouch of any colour you want.

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