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OneNote App By Microsoft Is Getting Dark Mode Support

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The dark mode seems to be the new craze with tech companies. It all started when Twitter introduced it, and users ate it up. It was probably inspired by eBook readers. Now Microsoft plans to update its OneNote app on Windows 10 with a new dark mode feature.


Microsoft is also incorporating a dark mode into many of its other popular apps like Outlook for iOS and Outlook on the web. According to an early user of the feature, accompanying the dark mode is an improved navigation system.



Users with a Windows 10 PC can enable it. It will also be available on mobile versions of the app for iOS and Android users. The main sheet where one can add notes will, however, remain white. This is to make it more readable for existing notes.


Microsoft is yet to confirm when it will be on Windows 10 machines. It seems to still be in a beta test version.


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