You are currently viewing One Film Every Week! Netflix Releases Trailer For 70 Original Films In 2021

One Film Every Week! Netflix Releases Trailer For 70 Original Films In 2021

Netflix has just revealed its release plans for the rest of the year and 2021 is looking like a good year for feature films.

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The streaming service dropped a trailer with a sneak peek at everything that will be released on the platform throughout the year. The trailer alone showcased numerous talents and action-packed clips, including a teaser of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Netflix film.


“Don’t Look Up”,  is about two astronomers who attempt to warn officials that a meteorite will collide with the Earth in six months. Leonardo stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence as the two astronomers, Dr Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky respectively.

One Film Every Week! Netflix Releases Trailer For 70 Original Films In 2021

At this time, there is not an official release date for the film, though Netflix promised its release will come sometime in 2021. The title was announced with the rest of Netflix’s upcoming films hitting the streaming platform this year.


The platform has also made hefty promises to subscribers, saying it plans to put out 70 different titles throughout the year, with at least one film being released a week.

“These are great films that will allow us to make a lot of noise this year,” Netflix’s Head of Original Films, Scott Stuber, told Deadline.

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In addition to “Don’t Look Up”, the platform will also be bringing more young adult romance. This includes “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Kissing Booth”. Zack Snyder is behind a new zombie movie for the company with “Army of the Dead”, and Dwayne Johnson takes on another action flick with “Red Notice” and Idris Elba starring in “The Harder They Fall” which reportedly will have music by Jay-Z.

Halle Berry and Lin-Manuel Miranda will also be making their Netflix directorial debuts. Halle will be directing and starring in “Bruised”, while Lin-Manuel will be directing the film adaption for “tick, tick… BOOM!”.

One Film Every Week! Netflix Releases Trailer For 70 Original Films In 2021

These are just a few of the huge films coming your way this year. Of the 70 films, Rolling Stone reports that 52 are English live-action movies, 10 will be non-English titles, and eight will be animated.

Watch the film preview here


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