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Ondo High Court Sentences Man To Death By Hanging For Killing Girlfriend

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A High Court in Akure, Ondo State has sentenced a man, Chukwudi Onweniwe, to death by hanging for killing his girlfriend, Nifemi Adeyeoye. She was an HND student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo. According to Vanguard, they dragged Onweniwe, the killer boyfriend, before the court on 22nd May 2017. He received a four-count charge for endangering life, kidnapping and abduction, r**e, and murder.


The killer reportedly abducted the deceased and took her to a farm near Alayere, Ogbese. Thereafter, the accused r***d and strangled her. Police prosecutor Inspector John Aderibigbe said a motorcyclist witnessed and reported the incident. The motorcyclist had also testified in the case at the police station to this regard.


Family grief

Aderibigbe said that they eventually transferred the case to Special Anti Cultism Squad in Akure. The deceased’s mother, Mrs Adeyeoye, testified that her daughter informed her that she was going to see a friend the day she went missing. She also said she did not know who the accused person was even if he claimed to be her daughter’s boyfriend.


According to her,

“l did not see my daughter again after she got missing. [That was] until policemen invited me to come to the mortuary to identify a corpse whether it was that of my daughter or not.”


Dr Pelemo, a staff of Ondo state Specialist Hospital, Akure, carried out an autopsy. According to Justice Bola, they found the abnormal state of the deceased’s neck and a fractured skull. That “suggested that the deceased had been attacked by an object with a blunt edge.” That led to her death.


Justice Bola, while delivering judgement, said that the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt in three out of the four count charges. He declared that although they were unable to prove the r**e charge, “On the count of kidnapping, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. On strangulating and choking, he was sentenced to death by hanging. On murder, he was also sentenced to death by hanging.”


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