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Omoni Oboli Claps Back At “Entitled” Fan

Actress and film producer, Omoni Oboli, has called out a fan who felt entitled to her money.

"Nobody Is Entitled To My Money Except My Children"- Omoni Oboli
Omoni Oboli

Oboli on Monday 31st January posted a direct message of a follower identified as Adetutu, on Instagram.

Adetutu had sent a message to Oboli in August 2020, pleading for financial assistance, explaining how her husband lost his job due to COVID-19 lockdown. In the message, she also revealed that she needed the money to provide medical care for her child who was sick.

Adetutu however, sent another message on Sunday 30th January, 2021 saying she and her husbands now have good jobs while throwing shade at the actress who she believes ignored her cry for help.


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Reacting to the message, Omoni stated that she was displeased by the follower’s sense of entitlement. She also explained the amount of hard work she puts into her profession while juggling the role of a wife and mum.

She ended the post by stating that the only people entitled to her money are her kids.

“I came across this in my dm a few days ago and it seriously dampened my spirit. If you followed me during the lockdown, you will testify to the fact that I did giveaways every day!

Millions were given away on this platform. As a matter of fact, I decided I was never doing giveaways anymore after that period for so many reasons.”

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“It’s the entitlement that kills me! Like seriously! Do you know how hard I work! I’m up when your a*s is in bed! Working! I don’t sleep for as many hours as many people because my bills won’t pay themselves and my goals and dreams are bigger than most people!

So I grind! Constantly working on several businesses including my day job which is Film! Right now, I’m in pre-production for two jobs! About to shoot one in a couple of weeks while running my other businesses, coupled with being a full-time wife and mother with no help!

So nobody is entitled to my money except my kids and last I checked, I have three!”

Omoni Oboli is a versatile actress, filmmaker, and producer. Films produced by Omoni include “Moms at War”, “Wives On Strike”, “Being Mrs Elliot”, “Okafor’s Law”, “My Wife and 1” and others.

She married Nnamdi Oboli in 2002, and together they have three children, Gozi, Chizi and Tobe.


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