You are currently viewing Watch OMO Nigeria’s Powerful And Inspiring Documentary Of Five Mothers

Watch OMO Nigeria’s Powerful And Inspiring Documentary Of Five Mothers

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To celebrate Mother’s Day, OMO released a documentary chronicling the lives of five mothers as they navigate their way through motherhood. “Dear Mom”, as the brand titled the documentary, features top female Nollywood personalities. They include Adunni Ade, TV presenter Chinonso Arubayi, founder of Henna Place Hadiza Nyako, career mom Joy Egolum, and stay-at-home mom Trinity Amadi.


Set in Lagos, the 19-minute OMO documentary touches on the various challenges that mothers face when raising their children. It also touches on their continuous efforts to overcome them. Each mother featured tells her unique story. They touch on various subject matters including widowhood, single parenting, career building, homemaking and so on.


Speaking on the inspiration behind the docu-film, Adebimpe Adio-Abiola, the senior brand manager of OMO, said,

“At OMO, we believe that children develop best when they are free to play and explore. We also acknowledge the ups and downs of motherhood and how MOMs strive to give their kids the best and be there for them. That’s why, this year, we created a docu-film to celebrate MOMs.”


5 women, 5 stories, 1 journey: MOTHERHOOD.

The emotional video begins with Chinonso Arubayi, who shares the challenges of raising a child alone after losing her husband. She reflects on the joys of a two-parent household, and how she manages to play both roles to her son in the absence of his father.


Trinity Amadi, a homemaker, dispels the misconceptions of being a stay-at-home mother. She highlights the hard work required in getting the affairs of the household in order whilst raising her children.


Adunni Ade reminisces on being a first-time mom. She shares the judgement and resentment she faced from the community as an unmarried and single mother. The mom of two also shares the importance of first-hand child supervision and how it impacts their behavioural patterns.


Hadiza Nyako and Joy Egolum discuss the importance of financial independence as a mother. They also discuss how they juggle their careers with parenting.


The video, which takes the audience through a range of emotions, is a reflection of OMO’s continued effort to appreciate and celebrate mothers.


Watch the full video below.

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