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Olakunle Abounce Fawole Shares Cute Video Of His Son

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The newly estranged husband of Yvonne Jegede, Olakunle Abounce Fawole, shared a cute video on social media. The video is of his son in which he adds a cute caption. He wrote:

“I may not always be with you but I will always be with you. You will be a source of joy, happiness and blessings to your mother and I, bless your beautiful heart son, daddy loves you #lilabounce #lilironmonkey #lilme”



The Nollywood actors, who got married in 2017 and welcomed their son Xavier in November 2018, are now estranged. This was confirmed by Yvonne where she stated:

“We started having issues before the birth of Xavier. I think I was about two to three months pregnant when the issues came. Immediately the issues came, there was never a dull moment. It just kept going up and up and it got worse, and today here we are.”


Take a look at the cute video he posted below:


Speaking to Yvonne

When asked about her thoughts on marrying her movie industry colleague, she said:

“Initially, I didn’t want to be with an actor. But when you have a friend that has been there and has constantly told you this is what I want from you, then you turn around and wonder if God is not trying to bless me while I keep saying I don’t want to marry an actor.

“So, I’m just going to try it. And marrying an actor was good. Marrying an actor was good in the sense that we both understood the job, and there are so many things I won’t have to explain to him. So, yeah, it was good.”


If you missed the interview, watch it here.

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