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Oil Cleansing: The Beauty Hack You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

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The idea of using oils as cleanser sounds a bit crazy, right? Especially if you already have oily skin you may wonder if you won’t be throwing the fish right into the flames with oil-cleansing. But oil cleansing is one simple yet very effective beauty hack.

Oil cleansing is the simple act of removing excess oil and dirt from the skin using natural oils. Essentially, oil breaks down oil. With oil cleansing, you’d be taking out dirt and pore-clogging oils from the skin and replacing them with nourishing natural oils that will help your skin shine and glow.


This cleansing method also helps to control the excess production of oil in the skin. When done right, the natural oils can help get rid of dry and oily skin, with and blackheads and other skin conditions leaving your skin fresh, clean, and moisturised.

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How to oil cleanse

Natural oils are the best option for oil cleansing. Almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, carrot, and coconut oil are most popularly used. However endeavor to use the cold-pressed variety, without perfumes or flavours. Lots of people prefer to use a combination of two oils in equal ratio.


To apply, pour your oils on the palm while standing over a sink and massage in circular motions on your face. Note that your skin has to be dry before you begin. Do this for two minutes. Also, make sure not to massage too hard. You can leave the oils on your face for up to ten minutes to deeply clean out the pores.


Thereafter, wash your face with a wet washcloth dipped in warm water ( preferably) to completely clean out the excess oils and dirt.


Oil cleansing can be added to your daily beauty routine for best results.


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