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Xbox Series X Issues

Oh Dear! Xbox Series X Having Issues Already Just Two Days After Launch

“The smart move is never buy a product the release day, be it a console or a car,” a Twitter user wrote. This advice may have just come a bit too late as people who bought the Xbox Series X on launch day are already complaining of some issues.


Microsoft had launched its next-gen gaming consoles; Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on 10th November 2020. Many who had pre-ordered the device have gotten it and had the opportunity to test it; the feedbacks are worrying.


Tom Warren, an editor at tech blog, The Verge, had asked people to come forward with issues relating to their Xbox Series X. Here are some of the problems that early users of Microsoft’s next-gen console are facing:



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However, while some of the reported issues seemed genuine, there are some that were fake. Particularly, there was a now debunked video of an Xbox Series X engulfed in smoke. It turned out that someone had poured vape smoke on the console.


The incident had even led Xbox to Tweet in its humorous fashion:



Well, will you be getting the PS5 on launch day? We want to hear your first impressions and feedbacks as well.


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