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NVIDIA Teases Next-Gen Graphic Cards As It Prepares For September GeForce Event

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Nvidia is preparing for its GeForce event in early September by teasing the design for its next-gen graphic cards. In a new video, the company’s engineers and designers discuss the changes being made to its next Ampere-based GeForce cards.


Rumours have suggested that Nvidia will announce RTX 3000 Series cards on 1st September 2020. The announcement is to also include an RTX 3080 and a flagship RTX 3090 card.


The company flashed what could be a RTX 3090 at the end of the video. The image matches recent leaks that claim the RTX 3090 will ship with a new cooling shroud and a pennant-shaped board.


The video places a heavy emphasis on cooling also pointing out a redesign in its cooling system to improve airflow, surmounting the challenges in today’s GPU cooling solutions.

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Additionally, the company confirms that it is moving to a 12-pin connector, proving the leaks right again. The 12-pin connector is smaller than the usual two traditional eight-pin connectors, and Nvidia will also include an adapter that’s compatible with eight-pin cables.


Nvidia’s choice of the 12-pin connector is to allow more space on the board for components and cooling. However, this does not mean that its third-party board partners will also adopt the new 12-pin connector.


Other leaks have suggested that the RTX 3090 will take up three slots, will ship 24GB of GDDR6X memory, and also act as the Titan top-of-the-line card for this generation. A new low-profile leaf spring which will provide space for a back cover on the card and a stronger mechanical structure mentioned in the video lends credence to those rumours.


Nvidia will unravel the full details of its next-gen graphic cards, at the Geforce event on 1st September 2020. If the rumours are true, then Nvidia may be launching some era-defining GPUs for PC gaming.


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