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No More O-Trek! How To Survive The Keke And Okada Ban In Lagos

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The ban of motorcycles (popularly known as Okada) and tricycles (Keke) from Lagos State officially kicked off on Saturday, 1st February 2020. On the said day, Lagosians took to social media to cry out as they had to trek long distances to meet up with their day-to-day activities.


Monday, 3rd February 2020, was one day Lagosians will not forget in a hurry as it was the first working day after the ban. Terms like O-trek and O-horse trended on social media as working-class Lagosians started looking at alternative means to cope with the hardship.


If you are one of those people affected by the ban, and getting to and from the office is now difficult, here are simple tips that you will find very helpful.


1. Carpool

Five Helpful Tips To Survive The Ban Of Keke and Okada in Lagos


Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car, and prevents the need for others to have to drive to a location themselves. It reduces each person’s travel costs such as fuel costs, tolls, and the stress of driving.


Carpooling will also save you the stress of waiting at the bus stop for hours to get a commercial vehicle. Already, the crowd at various bus stops has increased as people who once relied on bikes now have to wait for buses.


2. Leave your office or house early

Five Helpful Tips To Survive The Ban Of Keke and Okada in Lagos


Now is the time to adjust your alarm clock so you don’t give your Human Resource Manager stories that touch the heart. Weeks ago, the government publicised its plan to ban Kekes and Okadas, and it is now the reality of Lagosians. It is already obvious that the government has no plan to go back on their words, so you don’t have an excuse to get to work late. You will be able to beat traffic when you leave your house on time.


Ensure to tidy up your work in the office long before the close of working hours. This means you should reduce your chit chats during the day, and focus on your work. That way, you can leave the office on time to avoid traffic as the buses and cars on the road have increased drastically. Nevertheless, also ensure to go take small breaks during the day because your body needs it.


3. Explore other routes

Five Helpful Tips To Survive The Ban Of Keke and Okada in Lagos


Lagos is a big city with a lot of alternative routes. Just because you do not know them does not mean they do not exist. We all have that one friend who has been driving for years in the city and who knows all the alternative routes. You can call them “Map of Lagos”. Feel free to talk to that friend so they can direct you on shorter and faster routes to get to and from work. Also, use Google Maps on your phone to get direction to faster and shorter routes to take in order to beat traffic.


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4. Don’t miss the staff bus

Five Helpful Tips To Survive The Ban Of Keke and Okada in Lagos


If your company provides staff buses, then ensure you wake up on time to take advantage of them. Maybe you don’t play with your eight hours sleep and have been using your money to commute to work then you should have a rethink. With the way people scramble for buses at bus stops due to the ban, you would not want to get to work in ruffled clothes. Also, companies who do not have staff buses can look at the possibility of purchasing some for their employees. Staff bus is a welcome development any time, any day.


5. Make friends with motorists in your neighbourhood


It is time to befriend your neighbour; this time don’t just exchange pleasantries but get their contact. They can help you get to your bus stop or even give you a lift straight to your office for free. You can’t afford to be proud now especially when you don’t have a car, be friendly to your neighbours and colleagues at work, and you will be surprised how helpful they can be this period.


With these helpful tips, you will be able to overcome the O-trek situation and not get on the bad books of your company’s HR. Use your head, and think ahead, you don’t have the government to blame.


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