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No Distraction: Zoom’s New Focus Mode Keeps Students In Check

Zoom has announced a new back-to-school focus mode, this feature reduces distraction in a virtual classroom. The feature allows teachers to keep students from seeing each other, while the teacher is the focal point.

It will become available when the new school year resumes. Students are still at home due to the covid-19 restrictions. As the new delta variant worsens things, virtual classrooms still remain a new reality.

While the new focus mode blocks other students from seeing each other, students can still share emojis and co their classmates. The focus mode can be accessed through the “more” button, during a zoom meeting.Introducing Zoom at BU | Bournemouth University

Still practical at a work meeting, the focus mode helps workers stay alert during presentation and group sessions. Zoom’s focus mode can be switched on and off, for accounts, individual users, and group sessions.

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Zoom has released new Apps and Zoom Event features for its users, third-party apps can now join its calls. These new features help the videoconferencing app to be the application of choice for virtual meetings and calls.

Third-party calls for Zoom events and calls

More than 50 apps are currently available for the third-party integration tool Zoom Apps. Users can now download and install apps from the newly added “Apps tab” after updating to the latest version of its client App.

The Apps Tab is located on the toolbar during Zoom calls in zoom Apps.

Zoom apps for events

Zoom events help users set up virtual events and sell tickets if need be.

It “provides everything you need to build, host, and manage a virtual or hybrid event.” Whether it’s a large sales meeting, unique customer experience, internal event, or corporate summit.

Zoom events


Distractions reduce student’s productivity. The new focus mode helps teachers manage their classes and keep their students in check. Also useable in a workplace setting, this new feature helps accountability and readiness in staff.


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