You are currently viewing Nkechi Blessing Reveals She Was Almost R*ped By Her Sister’s Boyfriend At Age 17

Nkechi Blessing Reveals She Was Almost R*ped By Her Sister’s Boyfriend At Age 17

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing says she was almost r*ped by her sister’s boyfriend at age 17 years.

Nkechi Blessing Says She Was Almost R*ped By Her Sister's Boyfriend At Age 17
Nkechi Blessing

The Nollywood actress spoke about her experience while in an interview with Chude Jideonwo while making reference to the case against Baba Ijesha, the disgraced Yoruba actor accused of molesting a 14-year-old.

The film star said her sister once set her up with a man in a plot to test her virginity.

“I was 16 or 17 and I had this sister I used to tell I was a virgin and she would say I was lying. I used to dance and my mum ran a beer parlour. This sister invited me to meet her boyfriend,” Blessing said.

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“It was as if she wanted to set me up to confirm if I was still a virgin or not. As a young girl who was knowledgeable about such matters, I sat down. Drinks were served. This sister told me she would be back and went out.

The boyfriend came close, sat beside me. My mind went to the virginity conversation I had with the sister. I was scared to death. Stood up and he held me, saying I wouldn’t leave. I protested, asked if he wanted to r*pe me.

He knew I was going to scream so he let me be. I guessed that r*pe was going to happen. I thought to myself that r*pists should be given the death penalty. There’s no need for court. You hear a person r*ped, just kill them there.

I feared what would have happened to me if he eventually did it. I’ve seen victims; read loads of messages from people, even adults who were r*ped. You can imagine the anger and trauma that they have gone through”.

Consider the 14-year-old girl involved in the Baba Ijesha case. No sane person hears that and wouldn’t speak up.”

Just a few months ago, Blessing dragged the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) for keeping mum on the Baba Ijesha saga because some of its members are also guilty of the offence.


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