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Nintendo Wins Dispute Alleging It Infringed On Gamevice’s Gaming Device

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Nintendo has emerged victorious from a patent dispute with hardware developer Gamevice. Gamevice had dragged Nintendo before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board for infringing on the patent for its Wikipad gaming device.


The patent board, however, has invalidated most of Gamevice’s claims according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. The board says Nintendo provided substantial evidence to show that Gamevice’s claims were “unpatentable.”


“Gamevice does not contest Nintendo’s showing that these dependent claims are unpatentable, nor does Gamevice offer any other argument or evidence in support of patentability,” the ruling read.


Gamevice had earlier filed two separate suits against Nintendo. In 2017, the hardware developers claimed that the Switch was too similar to the Wikipad. That lawsuit was, however, dismissed.


Gamevice again filed another lawsuit in 2018 requesting that the US International Trade Commission investigate Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers.

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Although both devices sound similar, Gamevice controllers have a “flexible bridge” that requires usage on a tablet to function.  Joy-Con controllers, in contrast, can function without connecting directly to the Switch.


Gamevice Nintendo
The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller. Photo: Dudeiwant.


However, in the investigation concluded in October 2019, the patent agency found that Joy-Con did not infringe on Gamevice’s property.


Gamevice filed a total of 19 claims and Nintendo successfully challenged them all. A separate class-action suit filed against Nintendo alleging that it sold faulty Switch Joy-Con controller will go into arbitration.


Arbitration is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Parties in dispute choose a neutral person to hear both sides of a disagreement and decide the outcome.


The suit was filed in July 2019 and alleges Nintendo intentionally sold a faulty product. It says the company was aware of a defect causing it to drift, resulting in unintentional movement.


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