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Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Introduces Handheld Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a more affordable version of the original Nintendo Switch. It also lacks some features.


Apparently, the only major difference between the two versions is that the Lite version has no TV port. In essence, the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be connected to a television.


Users can also not put the Lite version on a table and keep the controllers in their hands. The Joy-Con controllers are also not detachable on this new one. The good part is that you can buy the Joy-Con Controllers and traditional Nintendo Switch Pro controller separately.



However, gamers using the Nintendo Switch Lite will need to find a new way to charge the Joy-Con controller. Gamers will have the opportunity to play the same exact games that they had access to on the main switch.


All Nintendo compatible games will be playable on the Lite as long as they have the handheld mode support. The Switch Lite is also a little smaller and lighter than the real Switch. It also had a 5.5-inch touch screen unlike the previous 6.2-inch on the Nintendo Switch.


An added advantage is that the  Lite is also offering longer battery life. Gamers will be able to get about 3 to 7 hours of play with it.


The new Nintendo Switch Lite is expected to get a 20th September 2019 release date. It will be available in yellow, turquoise and grey.

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