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Nintendo Hacker, Ryan Hernandez, Gets Three Year Jail Term

Nintendo hacker, Ryan Hernandez, who pled guilty to stealing information about the Nintendo Switch prior to its release, has been sentenced to three years in prison. Hernandez will also have to pay Nintendo $259,323 in retribution for the stolen information.


The sentencing follows a plea agreement that had been originally proposed in January 2020. The hacker and an associate successfully phished confidential information from a Nintendo employee in 2016 and had been investigated by the FBI.


The FBI had requested Hernandez to stop all illegal activities in 2017. However, he continued digging up confidential information prompting the FBI to renew its investigation.

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The FBI found a stash of child p*********y and videos of child abuse after searching his hard drives in July 2019. Hernandez pled guilty to possession of the graphic images and is now a registered s*x offender as a consequence.


The judge also made the recommendation that Hernandez is put in “a Bureau of Prisons facility for inmates with cognitive challenges”. Afterward, he is to receive a seven-year supervised release.


Nintendo has suffered numerous leaks in recent years and Hernandez’s hack is just one of several. A security researcher in 2018 caused a breach that leaked thousands of usernames and passwords. However, the ‘Gigaleak’ of source code and development assets seem to be the biggest.


The source of that leak is unknown, but its contents contained a host of unreleased Nintendo designs. These include an unused Animal Crossing villager and early prototypes of Pokemon Diamond.



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