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Nintendo Announces Plan To Acquire Next Level Games

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Nintendo has announced its plans to acquire Next Level Games. The gaming giant already has an existing relationship with the Canadian developer, working with it on some of its major franchises.


Next Level is a second-party partner, which means that it makes games only for Nintendo platforms. With the acquisition, Nintendo says both parties can now secure internal development resources and boost collaboration.


Next Level Games is best known for its development of the second and third Luigi’s Mansion games. Luigi’s Mansion 3 boasts of impressive animation and physics and is one of the more technically advanced games available on the Nintendo Switch.

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Next Level has also developed other Nintendo projects like; the two Super Mario Strikers titles on the GameCube and the Wii, Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS, and the Wii reboot of Punch-Out!!.


Nintendo expects that it can finalise the deal by 1st March 2021 although it hasn’t disclosed the financial implications of the acquisition. However, it will purchase 100 percent of Next Level’s shares. It also says the deal should only put a small dent on its earnings this fiscal year.


“The impact of making this subsidiary on the business results for the current fiscal year will be minor. Regarding the impact on future business performance, the business from the next fiscal year onward. We will incorporate it into our earnings forecast,” Nintendo said in the announcement.


Next Level Games has about 20 years of experience in planning and developing software for home video games. It is based in Vancouver, Canada.



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