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Nikon to stop making new SLR cameras

Nikon will stop making new SLR camera models, but will continue selling existing ones until they are exhausted.

The imaging giant is joining the rest of the market to focus on mirrorless hardware photography, a Nikkei report claims. With Nikon officially ending its line of hardware that uses single lens reflex tech, we can expect SLR cameras to be out of the market soon.

Its longtime industry rival, Canon, has also already stepped out of the SLR game sometime back. So, it will appear that none of the once-famous camera models are now taking a back seat.

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The major difference between the SLR cameras and mirrorless options is their improved image quality. Also, photographers, or any other user with the hardware, do not have to lug around heavy products as they are generally lighter and smaller.

Nikon will continue to produce existing SLR models and distribute them. However, its innovation will be particularly concerned with new models of mirrorless cameras.

While the company has not confirmed the news, it released a statement saying that the Nikkei article, which broke the news, was merely speculation.

Nikon SLR cameras were once the rave of the photography world, with their DSLR models selling hundreds of thousands of units annually. The younger generation focuses more on videos, another department where mirrorless cameras excel.

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