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How Nike And Adidas Go Head-To-Head At Qatar World Cup

The current buzz is all about the 2022 Qatar World Cup and it is not all about the football as brands Nike and Adidas also go head-to-head. The latest data shows that the contest is heated.

According to a Reuters report, Nike is clothing 13 of the teams in the competition, including Brazil, France and the United States. Meanwhile, Adidas is clothing only seven, among which are Germany, Spain and Argentina. The rest are clothed by others like Puma, New Balance, and so on.

In terms of boots, The U.S Sun said that 49.4 per cent of the players (or 441) are wearing Nike boots at the World Cup tournament. However, 34.8 per cent (or 311) are wearing cleats made by Adidas.

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Clearly, Nike has more representation. Although, things could change depending on which countries progress to the next stage of the cup after the group stage matches are over.

To understand why this is important, after France (sponsored by Nike) won the FIFA World Cup in 2018, its shares rose by 4%. While Adidas lost 6% after Germany, which it had adorned, exited the tournament in the group stages.

As Tom Nikic, an analyst explained, winning the cup could lead to more people buying the jerseys and thus, leading to more sales for the brand making it. Also, the more jerseys are bought, the likelihood of buying footwears of the same brand to go with them increases.

The data clearly shows that apparel brands stand to gain from the success of the team that they back. On the individual level, footballers as models, Nike has recruited the services of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, and Rashford. Argentina’s Lionel Messi, João Félix, and Ferran Torres all wear Adidas made shoes. As each continue to net goals, the brands get more promotion as FIFA touted the tournament’s viewing audience to be about 5 billion.

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