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Nigerians React: Can Chloroquine Cure The Deadly Coronavirus?

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What threatened to be a very dark period for the world, both medically and economically, has finally seen a ray of light. Recent reports state that anti-malarial drug chloroquine phosphate could play a key role in battling the deadly novel coronavirus, now called Covid-19.


Until now, there was no specific treatment or vaccine against the virus that first emerged in Wuhan, China. However, the World Health Organization repeatedly urged countries to share data in order to further research into the disease. Developing a vaccine could take years.


With over 2,118 fatalities and 74,576 confirmed cases in China alone, the spread of the disease is alarming. The source of the virus, which may have its origin from bats and reached humans via other “intermediary” species such as snakes or pangolins, is also yet unknown. That is why this news, albeit still under review, is so comforting.


coronavirus caused by bats?


Pharmaceutical Technology China also confirmed that Chloroquine, Gilead’s experimental drug, Remdesivir, and Favilavir are important in treating COVID-19.

In the fashion with which Nigerians tend to find a lighter side to serious issues, there were a lot of comical takes to the news. This included comments mirroring Burna Boy’s outburst on how nobody paved the way for him to become an African giant in the music industry. There were also those who referenced the former EFCC chairman’s speech on how corruption is the cause of Coronavirus.


Find some Nigerian Twitter reactions to the news of chloroquine possibly curing coronavirus:

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