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Nigerian Start-up, Carbon Closes Up Shop, Tell Staff To Work From Home

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Nigeria money lending and investment start-up, Carbon has told its employees to work from home due to the coronavirus. The start-up says it is following the advice of experts in practicing social distancing to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.


Carbon’s CEO, Chijioke Doze in a mail to its customers said:


“Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been concerned about the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus globally and the negative economic impact it will likely have.”


The Nigerian start-up also made a few changes to its lending services driven by the economic impact of the pandemic. In a bid to lend to as many people as possible and reduce exposure for its borrowers the start-up reduced its lending limit.


Carbon pegged the new limit back to N500,000 from its previous limit of N1 million. It will also be slowing loan increases for repeat customers. This means customers might get the same or lower than usual increases on their next loan offer.


Carbon Work From Home
Carbon tells its employees to work from as a precaution against coronavirus. Photo: Carbon
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Carbon also says its customers could experience delays in processing loan requests. It adds that this is only to further verify information and won’t affect the disbursement of its loans

Carbon app still up and running

All of Carbon’s services are unaffected and will still be available via its app. Customers can still pay bills, make smart investments and get credit reports on the app.


However, the company’s support team will be available 24/7 via emails and its social media channels only.


Nigeria just discovered its third case of coronavirus as of 17th March 2020. The two previously recorded cases were treated with the patients discharged. Carbon’s precautions, however, are in line with that of tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and others. It should be applauded as neighboring African countries are seeing a spike in the rates of infections in recent days.


With Nigerian doctors going on strike due to unfulfilled wage demand, Carbon telling its employees to work from home is probably the best decision to make.


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