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Nigerian Singer AY.Com Reveals He Went Broke After “Pass Me Your Love”

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Nigerian singer, AY.Com has revealed why he took a break from music. The “Pass me your love” hitmaker said he went broke at some point but he has got back on his feet.

Nigerian Singer AY.Com Reveals He Got Broke After "Pass Me Your Love" Hit Song

Speaking with The PUNCH he unveiled the remix of the song, which now features Peruzzi. The remix comes 12 years after the classic hit which he featured Terry G

Addressing the rumours that he was broke at some point, the singer said, “Yes, I was broke. To those who said that AY.Com was broke, yes. It is normal. I am human; I am not superman. So, it is normal for me to go broke at some point, but the most important thing is for me to bounce back, which I have done already.

Nobody ever said that life would always be rosy. There is always going to be ups and downs in life. So when I go down, I will not stay down; instead, I will lift myself, dust myself and move on. When I was down, I learnt that in whatever you are doing, you should believe in yourself and do not take opinions from strangers. You need to believe in your guts and focus on yourself.” revealed that while he was away from the music scene, he took time off to raise a family and start other businesses.

“I had been around, but it was just that I was not focused on my music 100 percent.  Had to go into other things and raise a family. I was a bit distracted got into real estate, fashion business at some point. I did a lot of things.  At the end of the day, I came back to music because this is what I find fulfillment in doing. My family is stable and my kids are grown, so I can do what I love doing right now without looking back.”

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Speaking on the remix of his classic hit song, the singer noted that he chose to collaborate with Peruzzi to bridge the gap between the old and new generation of music lovers.

 “I just released the remix of Pass Me Your Love, which features Peruzzi. The next song I will be releasing will be Omalicha. Although we are working on a body of work already, as time goes on we will be unveiling it. I saw a lot of comments on blogs when I announced that I was doing a remix of my classic song, Pass Me Your Love. They asked why that song, but it is just an easier way for me to just let the people that been asking about my whereabouts know that I am back to do music.


Also, for people that will ask, who is AY.Com, this song will help them remember me. That is why I featured Peruzzi on the song so that the younger generation can enjoy the song. The song will serve as a bridge for the older and younger generation, then, we will leverage it. Everyone was so happy. While we were recording the song, everyone was talking about where they were when the original version of the song came out.”



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