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Nigerian Love Doctor Says “Stay at Home” Rule May End Some Marriages

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It is the season of self-isolation and social distancing all over the world due to the spread of Coronavirus.


This means that spouses will be at home as both private and government staff are working from home.


Joro Olumofin, a self-acclaimed Nigerian love Doctor, is of the opinion that a lot of marriages will suffer and probably crash this period.


According to the relationship expert, due to quarantine, some couple can no longer use work as a distraction from their failed/ failing marriages.


Nigerian Love Doctor Says Self-Isolation Will Make Some Marriages Suffer
Joro Olumofin. Photo: Adamazi Blog

They would have to bear being under the same roof with little or no communication. In this situation, it is no longer marriage as they are now tolerating themselves, Joro implies.


The Corona Virus is altering lives around the world. Social distancing & Quarantine are major ways to stop this pandemic. Fact Remains that A lot of relationships & marriages are not ready for the Quarantine, being indoors with their partners for 30 days or more without their favourite activities.


Most Men are not going to handle this well.90% of Husbands can’t survive without Watching sports, betting on sports Night outings, Side chicks (for those husbands who cheat)”

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“A lot of husbands don’t want to be around their wives for some reason. 80% of Husbands don’t want s*x with their wives anymore. S*x is now a chore”  He continued


“70% of wives are no longer used to. Making 3 square meals & doing house chores. A lot of wives don’t know how to hold a decent conversation with their husbands anymore.

It’s going to be Like a social experiment for most couples. Staying indoors without any distractions. By the end of the Quarantine, a lot of marriages will be over because they are not used to being together without any extraneous variables. For some, their bonds may grow stronger”. He said.


Meanwhile, some of his followers were quick to disagree, stating that this self-isolation/quarantine period is the best time for couples to communicate and engage in fun activities that will build their marriage.


It also avails them the time to get closer to their children and bond with other family member and friends.


What is your opinion on this issue? Will self-isolation/quarantine make or break marriages?. Share your opinion in the comment box.


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