You are currently viewing Nigeria Google Play Store Ranking: Zoom Tops Free Apps Chart This Week

Nigeria Google Play Store Ranking: Zoom Tops Free Apps Chart This Week

The top free apps chart on Google Play store shows the most recently downloaded free software on the store and Zoom takes the top spot for the week starting 11th May 2020.


Likely, despite the security concerns assailing the software, it is still the go-to solution for video conferencing in Nigeria. Below is a list of the top ten free apps for the week according to Google Play store ranking:


  1. Zoom Cloud Meetings
  2. WhatsApp Messanger
  3. Telegram
  4. Facebook Lite
  5. Opera Mini
  6. Phoenix Browser
  7. Instagram
  8. Xender
  9. TikTok Lite
  10. Snapchat


While Zoom leads the listing, WhatsApp remains a strong contender. It is likely that its constant popularity is down to the fact that more people getting new phones have the app pre-installed already. Its number of installs shows over 5 billion downloads, which is gigantic when compared to Zoom’s 100 million downloads.

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Telegram is another strong name on the list and its rating is also almost perfect with 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.


In fourth place is the Lite version of the Facebook app, it is eight places above the original social media app. This is likely a testament that people prefer to save their data balance when possible. It also tells the same story for TikTok lite in ninth position while the original app is placed 23rd in the ranking.


In fifth and sixth place are two web browsers, Opera Mini and Phoenix Browser. It is easy to guess why people would prefer a third-party web browser to their phone’s web browser or even to the Chrome browsers built into Android devices. Likely, they want to save the rate the latter consumes data balance.


Instagram still finds a place in the top 10 as more people are turning to virtual entertainment and activities during the lockdown period.


Meanwhile, Xender remains a popular feature of Android devices because it is one of the easiest mediums for sharing files without jeopardising data balance. Its 100 million downloads are proof of this.


Nigeria Google Play Store Ranking: Zoom Tops Free Apps Chart This Week


Snapchat’s popularity has waned over several months but it gets a 10th place mention likely because it comes pre-installed in some phones and also because of its fun to use filters.


Zooms dominance continues both on the PC and mobile space. However, we have seen that many of its competitors are upping their game as well.


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