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Nigeria Election 2023: How To Follow Live Results Online


  • The 2023 Nigerian election has garnered immense interest with four prominent candidates in the race, see how to follow live results online.
  • It’s important to beware of fake news and rumours surrounding the results as malicious parties may take advantage of the heightened attention to spread misinformation.
  • To stay informed, individuals can follow the results in real-time through the official INEC IReV portal, reputable media outlets, and the Stears live updates portal.


The 2023 election race in Nigeria is a closely contested one with APC flagbearer Tinubu, Labour Party’s Peter Obi, PDP’s Atiku, and Kwankwaso of NNPP at the forefront, no doubt, Nigerians everywhere will be interested in following the results online.


With over 93 million registered voters, the interest in a Nigerian election has never been greater than in 2023. Even citizens of the country that are living in the diaspora are tuned in to know the outcome.


First, here are some things to beware of…


Tinubu, Atiku, Kwankwaso, Peter Obi are all vying to be the next Nigerian president at the 2023 election
Tinubu, Atiku, Kwankwaso, Peter Obi are all vying to be the next Nigerian president at the 2023 election. Image Source: Premium Times Nigeria.


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How to stop fake Nigeria election results online

  • Remember that mischief makers and virality seekers will be taking advantage of the interest in the results to manipulate trending hashtags and spreading fake news.
  • Avoid retweeting whatever results you see, even from verified handles, to not give these rumours wings to fly.
  • Don’t engage posts that spread fake news about the Nigerian election results as you may thing you are doing the right thing but what you are really doing is giving such content relevance and it could be getting recommended more and more to other users.
  • Even when you get news from verified sources; pause, give it some time, before you share as their may be slight errors, like typos, in official results shared online.


Now that you know what you must do when you come across fake news on the election, see how to get live updates that you can trust.

How To Follow Live Results Of Nigeria Election 2023 Online

  • INEC, the official electoral body of the country, has announced that you can follow the election polling unit results in real-time through its IReV portal here.
  • Answer company, Stears, which has gained a reputation for well-researched data reports, also has a portal for live updates on the Nigerian election 2023 results, where you can stay up-to-date on what is happening. The updates come with time stamps to know what is going on and when, you can also use it to catchup if you miss anything.
  • There are several reputable media outlets with social media accounts as well, ensure that you are following the right one and not parodies to get legit election updates.


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