You are currently viewing Niantic CEO John Hanke is not a fan of Zuckerberg Metaverse
Niantic CEO John Hanke is not a fan of Zuckerberg Metaverse

Niantic CEO John Hanke is not a fan of Zuckerberg Metaverse

Not all tech bosses are fans of the metaverse, definitely not Niantic CEO John Hanke, who says that he would prefer it to have real-world elements.

What Hanke is suggesting is augmented reality, and it is also part of the metaverse dream and the key elements of Niantic Labs fan favourite Pokémon Go game.

“Rather than staying at home and being jacked into your computer watching graphics, (it’s) being out in the real world having a device bring these things to you, and make that experience richer and more fun, more efficient,” he said in discussion with The Associated Press.

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Hanke says that the all-virtual reality world idea is a ‘weird reaction to COVID.’ People are so used to shelter in a place that they believe that it is the next step in technological advancement. But that was not where tech leaders were headed pre-covid, he said.

“It was all about mobile app stuff that you could take with you wherever you are. You are out with your kids, you are out there doing stuff in the world and it’s helping you get there with Google Maps, it’s helping you to eat with Yelp, it’s helping you find the hotel you are going to stay in. It was that kind of tech helping you as a human do human stuff better,” said Hanke.

His major fear is that the Zuckerberg-led metaverse could give people what they think they want, discouraging more and more people from needing to leave home.

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