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Next Samsung Smartphone, Galaxy S21 May Not Come With Charger And Earphones

There are reports that the Samsung Galaxy S21, its next smartphone coming in 2021, will not launch with a charger and earphones. In October 2020 when Apple had launched the iPhone 12, it had not included a charger and earphones. Apple had explained that this was because it wanted to design smaller phone boxes and also reduce waste. However, this decision had not been well received.


Many had criticised the company for releasing an ‘overpriced’ gadget without including a charger and earphones. Even other competitors had taken a swipe at it. Samsung, for example, had trolled Apple by posting a picture of its charger and captioning it, ‘included with your Galaxy’.


Now, according to a SAMMobile post, Samsung is reportedly treading this same path. This move will mean that customers must buy chargers and earphones separately. However, at this time, Samsung itself has not confirmed this rumour.

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Yet, it is likely that the company may tow this line. Already, it has stopped offering earphones inside smartphone boxes. Also, its Galaxy Note 20 did not come with earbuds in the US and customers had to request for it separately from the customer care.


Already, early leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series claim that the smartphone will have faster refresh rates, especially the Ultra versions. Also, it is rumoured that it will launch with colours like gray, pink, violet and so on. Samsung may reveal the device as early as January 2021. There is no concrete thing yet on the smartphone.


Thus, Samsung Galaxy S21 may still launch with a charger and earphones in the box. It will not be surprising if it doesn’t because Samsung and Apple have a long history of trying to outdo each other.


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