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New Zoom Events And Others Let Users Add Third-Party Apps To Calls

Zoom has released new Apps and Zoom Event features for its users, third-party apps can now join its calls. These new features help the videoconferencing app to be the application of choice for virtual meetings and calls.

Third-party calls for Zoom events and calls

More than 50 apps are currently available for the third-party integration tool Zoom Apps. Users can now download and install apps from the newly added “Apps tab” after updating to the latest version of its client App.

The Apps Tab is located on the toolbar during Zoom calls in zoom Apps.

Zoom apps for events

Zoom events help users set virtual events, also tickets can also be sold.

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It “provides everything you need to build, host, and manage a virtual or hybrid event.” Whether it’s a large sales meeting, unique customer experience, internal event, or corporate summit. With this new feature, you can:

Zoom events

  • Manage and host interactive sessions or one-to-many presentations;
  • Build your own branded event hubs;
  • Create multi-session events;
  • Provide a chat lobby for attendee networking, both inside and outside a session;
  • Offer customizable ticketing and registration;
  • Host free or paid events, public or private.


Even though Zoom is leading the way in videoconferencing, it is a refreshing sign to see that they are still innovating and adding features.

The video conferencing company still offers OnZoom, a virtual event tool that helps small businesses organize a marketplace to display their wares.



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