You are currently viewing New York Offers Out Of Work Drivers Meal Delivery Jobs Amid Pandemic
Streets in New York are as the city is under lock down. Photo: Bea Sanchez.

New York Offers Out Of Work Drivers Meal Delivery Jobs Amid Pandemic

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New York City is offering its drivers, who have the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s licenses (TLC), jobs to help with delivering meals.


An email to licensees announcing DeliveryTLC read


“The World is changing around us and many of you are without work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You are a top priority for the TLC and we recognize that you are among the hardest hit by this public health crisis. As we look at all possible ways to help you and as we assess needs citywide, we ask for your assistance and participation in the City’s response.”


The work will involve delivering meals to the elderly. The TLC warns that its initial need for drivers will be small, however, the demand could increase if more residents request meal delivery services. The agency is also offering a $15-an-hour wage, plus reimbursements for gas mileage and tolls.

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New York Drivers
New York is now employing out of work drivers to deliver meals to the elderly.


Independent Drivers Guild Executive Director Brendan Sexton said the drivers are thankful to step up and help.


“New York City’s for-hire vehicle drivers have seen their earnings plummet amid this pandemic. Drivers are ready to step up to help the city in this time of great need. We are thankful that the city sees the value in this workforce and appreciate the Commissioner’s hard work to make DeliveryTLC a reality,” he said.


Uber and Lyft had earlier suspended its carpooling services in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo had also told all non-essential retailers and businesses to close.


Drivers can sign up at NYC Government page for the jobs. Delivery TLC will select the drivers on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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