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New Xbox Series S Orders Likely To Arrive After The Holidays

New Xbox Series S Orders Likely To Arrive After The Holidays

Microsoft launched its Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series S consoles on 10th November 2020; as many expected, they’ve been super-hard to get. Pre-orders came and went, maybe too soon; and while the new consoles do show up at online retailers occasionally, you have to seize the opportunity at hand because they always appear to vanish in the wind – almost always sold out again.


On Microsoft’s own website, the Xbox Series S remains currently in stock, however there’s also some condition. The company has included a note to the listing making it clear that the new gaming console won’t get underway until the end of December. The Xbox Series X listing just points to other retailers, which are all sold out.

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It does appear that Microsoft is trying something different other retailers; pushing back shipping time based on products available. What other retailers are doing, and what Microsoft has always done, is simply declare that the products are sold out until there are more available.


The bad news now, however, is that if you want the next-gen console; you may be unable to get it in time for the holidays if you order from Microsoft. As always, if you’re trying to get your hands on these hot items, you’re best off keeping an eye on all retailers.


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