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X-Men Barbie Dolls

New X-Men Barbie Dolls Revealed At Comic-Con

American multinational toy manufacturing company, Mattel has revealed some new dolls at Comic-Con. The Dark Phoenix, Mystique and Storm X-Men mutant characters are getting their own Barbie dolls to celebrate Marvel Comics’ 80th anniversary.


The X-Men dolls will come at a retail price of $55 and will contain elaborate costumes and accessories.



The Dark Phoenix, also known as Jean Grey-Summers, is a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers. The Barbie doll replica has on her signature red bodysuit with gold details. It also has the gold phoenix image and wears gloves, a sash belt and high boots.




The Mystique Barbie doll, on the other hand, has a white dress on with a double slit. It also has a belt of skills and white gloves, tall boots and more skull details on the forehead. The supervillain Mystique is a mutant born who can shapeshift to anyone she wants to.


Storm Barbie Doll


Storm, aka Ororo Munroe, is also a member of the X-Men team. She can change the weather and turn it into a weapon against her enemies. Her Barbie doll has on a black latex bodysuit with capes and boots. It also has her signature gemstone brooch, gauntlets and a headdress.



Fans can now pre-order the X-Men Barbie dolls which will hit the stores in the US in October.

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