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New WordPress Feature To Automatically Turn Posts Into Twitter Threads

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WordPress has a new feature that automatically posts an entire blog post as Twitter threads. The feature will even add all text, images, videos, and embeds to the tweets, and the last tweet in the thread will link back to the original blog post.


The feature can be accessed via the green Jetpack icon at the top right of the edit post page beside the options to share links to Facebook and other social networks.


According to WordPress, the feature is a great way to amplify your content. It says it exposes the posts to Twitter followers that don’t follow a WordPress blog directly. The feature allows followers to read a post’s contents without visiting its link, thus more visibility for the post.

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However, the downside of the feature is that long Twitter threads are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. A very long post might lose its reader or yet make them disinterested. Services like @ThreadReaderApp for example help convert lengthy threads and make them seem less longer for readers.


Even WordPress introduced a similar service in July 2020 to turn Twitter threads into blog posts. Now, it’s reversing that service with this new feature. WordPress gives the option for users to add an introductory message to the beginning of the thread. The feature will coordinate the sentences and paragraph breaks in deciding where one tweet should end and another starts.


Users can also preview what the thread will look like, however, they have to subscribe to WordPress’s $25/month Business or $45/month eCommerce plans to access that feature.


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