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New Windows 10 Update Coming In May 2019

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Microsoft is rolling out the first major Windows update of the year. Its release date is 10th May 2019. This update is in a bid to constantly evolve the operating system and introduce new features, tools and apps to the Windows 10. Microsoft calls it the new Windows 10 May 2019 version or the version 1903 or 19H1.


The previous Windows 10 updates of April and October 2018 introduced some new features and some bugs too. Yes, bugs. However, the update was widely accepted by Windows 10 users as it reached 800 million users.


This new update will bring with it some serious upgrades to the Windows 10. It will have great new features like the ability to pause updates and system-wide Light Mode. There are also rumours that the new build will be able to play native Xbox One games.


Some customers have already gotten access to early versions of the Windows 10 update ahead of the May release date. These are customers who have signed up to try out the latest Windows 10 versions. This has pretty much allowed them access to some of the new features to expect with the anticipated update.


However, the new update, despite its name, may not roll out in May. This is owing to a delay in the update release dates in the past. The October 2018 update, for instance, was not released until mid-November 2018.


Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Version Update


Here are some speculations on the new features to expect on the new update. Keep in mind that these features are not cast in stone so it might not be exactly what the new updates have to offer. But these are some of the features pre-subscribed users already have access to on the new update.


New Light Theme

This new update has a new Light desktop theme feature that makes a sharp contrast to the Dark theme from the previous Windows 10 update. It makes the taskbar and Start menu lighter and features new icons that fit the new Light theme. It also lets you mix and match the Light and Dark themes to your taste.


New Start menu

A de-clustered Start menu is a welcome feature that the update has to offer. It does not have tiles and shortcuts taking up space on the menu. It also lets you uninstall more pre-installed apps that you have no need for. The start menu will now be better protected against potential issues caused by some parts of the OS. It will cause it to run smoother and be more responsive.


Cortana separated from the search box

In the coming update, Cortana may no longer be integrated into the search box of the taskbar. It will now split search and Cortana on the taskbar.


Pause-able updates

This is great for when you are not ready to complete update on your computer. It gives users room to pause updates to fix some issues that might be wrong with the update. You can also pause updates to switch between internet networks.


Reserved space for updates

The new Windows 10 May 2019update will reserve 7GB space from your computer’s hard drive to save temporary files. This will prevent the future update error that might result from limited space. The new update keeps the computer one step ahead in saving some update space.


Useful error messages

Microsoft is making error messages more useful and helpful with the new update. The new update means it will now tell you how to fix the problem as well. The error message will pop up with a fix option. It will also come with a link to a database to likely problems.

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