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New Study: Men Can Detect If A Woman Is In “The Mood” By Her Scent

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Ladies, what if you were told that a man can detect if you are s*xually aroused, or not, by just the smell of your sweat. Surprised right?


A University of Kent research suggests that men can distinguish between the scents of s*xually aroused and non-aroused women.


The detection of s*xual arousal through smell may function as an extra channel; a channel in the communication of s*xual interest and provide further verification of human s*xual interest.


Dr Arnaud Wisman, a Psychologist at the University of Kent United Kingdom, conducted the research by expanding on previous olfactory studies. The research reaches an interesting conclusion; that humans can communicate and detect emotions such as fear or sadness through scent.


These recent results are from three different experiments. Men were asked to perceive the scents of axillary sweat samples from anonymous aroused and non-aroused women.


Then the men largely correctly told which of the scents were from s*xually aroused women. The smell was alleged to be “relatively more attractive and this increased their s*xual motivation”.

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Thus suggesting that the chemical signals of scent alone can indeed trigger a s*xual response in recipients.


Study Proves That Men Can Detect If A Woman Is In The "Mood" By Her Scent
Photo: Dominus PHD.


“The present studies suggest that men are sensitive to the olfactory signals of s*xual arousal released by women. This research suggests that these signals released along with corresponding visual and auditory expressions of s*xual interest can produce a stronger overall signal that increases s*xual motivation.


S*xual interest may entail more than meets the eye and we hope that the current findings encourage further research to examine the role of s*xual olfactory signals in human communication”. Dr Arnaud Wisman said.


Therefore, ladies, the next time you are in a cosy atmosphere with your man, and he gets in the “mood”, just know that your scent may just be the turn-on.


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