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New Skype For Web Available to Newer Browsers Only

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Microsoft, on Thursday, 7th March, announced its release of a new version for Skype which it said will work in Windows 10 and MacOS 10.12 or newer. It will also only be available in Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Linux, Chrome OS, Firefox and Opera users are left out in the cold; they will not be able to use the new Skype for the web.

Microsoft reveals that the new Skype for the web in a supported platform and web browser has HD video calling experience in one-to-one and group video calling. You can also record special moments during a call or important parts of a video meeting.

The new Skype also lets you search for a keyword or phrase in a current conversation by typing it in a search box. There is also a chat media gallery that makes it easy to find files, links and photos shared in a conversation no matter how long ago. You would not need to scroll through your chat history to do this; just go to the gallery under the chat name to see the files, links and photos in the conversation.

There is now a notification panel where you can click on the bell icon to see reactions to past messages directed at you in a group or if you were quoted in a message. The notification panel helps you to jump into the conversation seamlessly.

However, it was confirmed on Friday, 8th March that the new Skype for web will not be available to Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox or Opera. Microsoft says they prioritise bringing Skype to the web on “Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome based on customer value.”

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