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New Pixel 3A Owners Experiencing Random Shutdowns

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Google’s newly announced mid-range smartphones, Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL, may have already started having issues. The phone has only just been in the market a few weeks, and some users are already starting to complain of their devices randomly shutting down.


The new Pixel phone users have taken to online forums to report the issue. They are posting some details as they are unsure of what exactly is causing the issues. However, it is not clear how many of the phones have this problem.


Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL


According to the reports posted on online forums, the users have had to perform a hard reset by holding the power button down for a few seconds after the phone randomly shuts down. This causes the phone to start working again. They also added that it was not a onetime thing and the phones still experience more shutdowns afterwards.


A Reddit user posted their issue with the phone on the r/googlepixel subreddit community. It got a lot of comments from other users complaining of the same issue.


3a XL shutting down when left alone from r/GooglePixel


One of the users in the comments said,

“I’ve had my 3A for a few days, and the same thing has happened twice now. Just waiting for when it happens overnight so I miss my alarm and am late for work. Also, need to hold the power button for ages to restart it.”


Another one posted,

“Been dealing with the same problem since 5/17 (17th May). Pretty disheartening since otherwise, I love the phone. Support suggested a day in safe mode but now I’m getting the feeling it won’t do much.”


Meanwhile, some other users have said they have not experienced any of these issues. Someone said, “Had two separate 3As, but no shutdown issue (I exchanged my first one due to screen tint) …. they’ve run flawlessly. Just wanted to add data.”


However, Google is yet to give any public acknowledgement of the issue.


Google is currently dealing with a settlement payout of $500 on the original Pixel phones that had microphone defects. The company was in a lawsuit for continuing to sell the mobile phones and give replacements despite acknowledging these issues. Google launched the original Pixel phone in 2016.

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