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New Non-Hormonal Birth Control Can Be Used By Men Too

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Many women go through the most with their bodies, from the hormonal changes of puberty to the monthly menstrual cycle, ovulation, childbirth and everything in between. Avoiding pregnancy is yet another rigorous task. The birth control options for women are usually hormonal, dangerous or both.

Majority of the birth control options available are man-made estrogen and progestin hormones, which can cause several awful side effects in women.

An American start-up is now looking to launch a unisex, non-hormonal alternative to existing contraceptives. The company has raised funds of up to $400,000 for this project. The company is looking for up to $2 million to continue the research that will target contraceptives for men.

According to them, the first product will be a vaginal contraceptive to be applied before intercourse. There will also be oral contraceptives for both genders.

The team explains that they have discovered that the natural compound lupeol can block a protein on sperm that is required for fertilisation. The new non-hormonal approach will not impact a cell’s ability to function or gene expression. That way, women and men are not at an increased risk of blood clots, cancer or other side effects associated with hormonal birth control methods.

The product will be applied directly in the v****a during the period of the month in which the woman is fertile. It is, however, not clear if it will come as a pill or gel.

A second product will be an oral contraceptive because they believe that is the most convenient, universally accepted method.

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