You are currently viewing New Mum Ronke Raji Opted For An Unmedicated Birth & She’s Sharing On Her Vlog (Watch)

New Mum Ronke Raji Opted For An Unmedicated Birth & She’s Sharing On Her Vlog (Watch)

Beauty and lifestyle blogger Ronke Raji and her Husband Arthur welcomed a daughter a week ago.


She recently shared her birthing story in a new vlog. In it, she intimates viewers on her choice to have an unmedicated birth.


Unmedicated birth otherwise known as natural birth is when a mother opts for no medical assistance, particularly anesthesia in giving birth.

unmedicated birth
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This option of birthing seeks to reduce medical intervention during delivery like the use of anesthetic medications and other surgical interventions such as episiotomies, forceps and ventouse deliveries and cesarean sections.


They are, however, not for everyone. Some mothers upon their doctors’ advice go through cesarean and are given an epidural to minimize the pain.


Others, though not taking the cesarean route do not want the pain of childbirth so they opt for an epidural as well.

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As explained by Dr. Edna Ma, an anesthesiologist, the decision is ultimately the choice of the mother.


Health professionals should respect a mother’s choice and her autonomy, provided there is no harm to the mom or baby. I believe she also has the right to change her mind”


In this video, Ronke shares her experience with an unmedicated birth; the pain, the unexpected challenges that arose from it. She also shared how she’s coping with two children.


However, the vlogger is yet to reveal her new baby’s face and name. She says she’s just yet bonding with her daughter and would introduce her when she’s ready.

Watch the video below


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