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New Mercedes-Benz Safety Autonomous Car Concept Monitors Road Ahead

Mercedes-Benz built its new design with the belief that there will be a time when people and machines will share the security workload. Their new Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF) 2019 demonstrates a safety-focused self-driving car that also has safety technology features that help human drivers.


The German luxury automakers made the Mercedes-Benz ESF 2019 with the capacity to drive itself. But it also has a steering wheel and pedals for manual driving.


The vehicle, once in the autonomous mode, will retract into the dashboard to reduce the chances of injuries in case of an auto crash. Mercedes also moved the airbags to ensure it works regardless of positioning.



The Experimental Safety vehicle will use its lights to tell other road users what it is doing. The car will communicate with other vehicles in ways humans will use gestures to communicate.


It can also activate lights along the sides to increase the car’s visibility when it is going through intersections. If the ESF 2019 ever got involved in a crash, a robotic triangle can pop out of the back of the car and position itself to warn oncoming vehicles.


The ESF 2019 also automatically tightens the driver’s seatbelt when it realises that a human driver has taken control and is getting too close to a curb.


Security Mercedes-Benz features

It will also activate if the driver is approaching a curve too fast. Furthermore, the car will automatically move forward if it notices a car moving too close behind it in traffic.


The ESF 2019, like other autonomous cars, has an emergency braking system. But unlike others that work only in a straight line, this one works when the car is turning too. It is designed to prevent collision impact with cyclists and pedestrians who may be unaware of an oncoming vehicle.


The Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle


The car also has special complex child seat security. The ESF 2019 monitors a child’s behaviour and gestures. It then sends a live video of it to the car’s dashboard when it is stationary.


Downloading the “Mercedes Me” app on your smartphone will let the car send vital-sign information and live video to your phone.


Mercedes will expectedly incorporate the ESF 2019 features in its vehicles in coming years. The company released the last ESF vehicle in 2009. It had features like Pre Safe Impulse Side lateral-collision system and seatbelt airbags.

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