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New Kaspersky VPN Security Update Brings Better Protection Measures

In a Twitter post, internet security company, Kaspersky announced an update to its VPN security service. It said:



Additionally, the firm gave more information about its updated VPN app, the Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection. It says that now, it protects users’ devices from getting blindsided.


This usually happens when a user has just connected to a hotspot and the VPN is still in the process of activation. This window is enough for hackers to compromise a person’s device security and monitor their internet activity.

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But with its new feature, which Kaspersky calls a Kill Switch, connection is blocked until the VPN is running properly. This Kill Switch is available to premium Kaspersky VPN users on Windows and Android devices. It says that it will roll out the feature for other platforms soon.


Also, Kaspersky’s VPN now has servers in 24 countries that users can choose from, which is an upgrade from its previous 18. Users of the paid versions also get access to stream content that is available in any part of the world.


The Kaspersky VPN on Mac and Windows also got new encryption algorithms, the AES-256 encryption standard. There is also a new UI and UX, and a dark mode that Android and macOS users can use.


To download Kaspersky VPN on your device, just tap or click this link. It has a free version that offers 300MB daily data use and a premium version that has unlimited data use. With Kaspersky VPN app running on your device, you need not worry when connecting to public networks.


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