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New iOS Update Will Bring Dark Mode Features

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The new iOS 13 will come with a huge dark mode feature for iPhone users. This seems to be the new trend for major apps and mobile phone users. Now it is getting a major feature on the new iOS upgrade. The new update should come later in the year.


According to reports, the new update’s dark mode will be all-encompassing and can be controlled in the main settings app. It will also reportedly be like the dark mode in the MacOS. The iOS version will enable a darker theme throughout the phone. However, individual apps will need to adapt their apps to support the feature.


iOS 13 dark mode


The new update will also have new multitasking features for iPad, a new “undo” gesture and an improved mail app. It also features a more flexible way to use multiple applications at once. The update will allow each app to run several smaller windows instead of simply split-screen multitasking.


The iOS 13 will include a three finger tap gesture to undo an action as against the current shake to undo previously obtainable. The mail app will also now let you categorise messages as you do with Gmail.


Apple may also change the on-screen graphics that appears when the volume is changed on the iPhone.


It is worthy to note that these features are only speculations at this point. An update on the features will be on Plat4om as soon as it releases.

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